Whoever joins MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE principles must commit in looking after future generation needs throughout the implementation of its activities, subscribing to a manifesto based on 10 basic principles:

1. CENTRALITY of people, of their capabilities and LISTENING of their needs

2. RESPECT of the community interests through a specific care for the environment, for the energy saving and for social fairness as fundamental values and common heritage, to be protected and safeguarded.

3. RESPONSABILITY nin acting in accordance with applicable laws in terms of ethics and environmental-social safeguard, avoiding harmful behaviours for the environment, the worker and the collectivity.

4. SHARING of the resources, knowledge and experiences in the sustainability field.

5. TAKING CONCRETE ACTIONS, through a systematic and concrete approach, fighting the greenwashing

6. Constant search for the BALANCE among the economic, social and environmental aspects, and the related results.

7. Transparent RELATIONSHIPS with all the concerned parties (stakeholders) in order to pursue shared policies in the environmental, energetic and social fields.

8. RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT of the product/service during the whole lifecycle involving suppliers, customers and interested parties, in order to improve the product/service performances and reduce the impact on the environment and on the collectivity

9. TRANSPARENCY, clearness, accuracy, consistency and recognizability of the information provided in support of one’s own sustainable activities, better if in accordance with the best international practices

10. INVESTMENT in research, development and innovation, in order to develop innovative processes, products and services, with an ever-decreasing environmental and social impact

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