ANDIL (National Association of Bricks Industry) represents at the national and international level the manufacturers of bricks operating in Italy.
Andil activities include:

  • an intersectoral policy, with the active participation within federal organizations for conducting programs of general interest inherent the “system construction”;
  • a sector policy through active cooperation in the drafting and revision of regulations and agreements in the specific production process;
  • a product policy, through the implementation of initiatives specifically aimed at promote, towards users, a better knowledge of the products, their performances and their correct use, and a real commitment in research finalized and basic and in the evolution of the technical regulations.


Andil has identified in Make It Sustainable® the most appropriate means to enhance the efforts ofcompanies towards a more sustainable production of bricks. A tool marketing oriented, which shows the investments in sustainability but also in corporate social responsibility.

As AMBASSADOR, Andil spreads among its members and between its stakeholders the principles and the culture of sustainability that are the basis of Make It Sustainable. → →

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Andil ambassador →

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