The certification world is a wide and complex scenario, especially for the consumers, often having troubles in interpreting acronyms and symbols. This complexity is due to the necessity to grant companies to perform their activities in accordance with national and international rules.

MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE insight is to create a new certification model that goes beyond basic technical aspects (even if always essentials), becoming a communication tool towards the society as well as a distinctive symbol for who believes in sustainability as a fundamental value for the future.

For this reason we have created a certification allowing organizations to clearly prove their commitment and respect towards the environment and the collectivity. Companies obtaining MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE Certified mark will see their investments in sustainability turned into a tangible and communicable value, getting close to the collectivity and offering the possibility to identify and choose consciously products and services realized in a sustainable way.

Achieving MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE certification is a concrete opportunity to reward the efforts of organizations who believe in sustainability.

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