MAKE IT SUSTAINABLEis an International community, a set of people and organizations who act and work sharing a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable objectives. Different players can be members of the community, each of which must contribute according to its role in the referred socio-economic context aimed to the realization of MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE. principles. Each area of interest matches focused professional profiles, working in a sustainable oriented way through their own expertises and aptitudes. The community is ideally founded on 5 main pillars:


To distinguish what is really sustainable from what is only perceived as sustainable, so to take the right decisions.


To spread sustainable development principles and to promote the energy saving and the safeguard of the resources, of the environment and of the collectivity as a whole.


To recognize and reward the consistency between what an organization plans, manages and realizes and its sustainability strategy.


To promote the optimization of processes, technologies and resources, keeping into account economic, environmental and social aspects.


To provide products and services consistently with sustainability principles, creating worth by concrete actions and not merely words.

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