The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) is an Association of Indian and Italian enterprises, professional and intermediate bodies. Our mission is to support the establishment and development of industrial and commercial collaborations between India and Italy, thus furthering the economic interests of the two countries.


We strive to enhance the well-being of Indian and Italian people. We intend to do this by furthering the continuous growth of trade and investments between Italy and India.


  • Solution oriented approach
  • Flexibility
  • Team work
  • Cultural integration
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Honesty / Integrity
  • Ideals
  • Questioning / Reasoning

Founded in 1966 and recognized by the Italian Government, IICCI accounts today for more than 1200 members, from diverse sectors and industries, and has a pan-India presence, with its head office in Mumbai, regional offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and a representative office in Goa.

IICCI plays an active role in organizing business meetings, international trade fairs, seminars, conferences and round tables to promote knowledge sharing between the two countries. It also coordinates and manages business and institutional delegations, to stimulate both the Italian and Indian markets. It is primarily due to these activities that IICCI has developed strong ties within India and in Italy mainly with sectoral associations, public and governmental bodies and well known personalities within the industrial and local media sectors.

IICCI has a team of qualified professionals that provide ongoing services to firms and companies in order to undertake various business operations, such as outsourcing, global marketing and consultancy, for the successful implementation of joint ventures and strategic alliances and to assist in legal, fiscal and customs issues.

IICII has created the LEGEM project – acronym for Living Space, Energy, Governance, Environment, Mobility & Network -, an Italian proposal for creating in India, a city that is different from the current urban development model prevalent in the country.

The concept of LEGEM achieved in 2013 the certification Make it sustainable (MIS) by virtue of its approach and its processes developed in full compliance with the principles of sustainability and with models recognized internationally.

LEGEM reflects our idea of development: in our opinion, improve the quality of life requires an integrated approach and coordination measures which must be accompanied by a comprehensive approach that seeks the interest of the community.

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