Development team

MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE was born in 2013 during a captivating meeting where several ideas and opinions met for the first time. The common awareness and turning point was to develop a service to value and reward all organizations supplying products, services and concepts considering not only the economic aspects, but even the related environmental and social impacts.
To sum up, the target are those organizations who have chosen sustainability as own business model (if not for the entire organization, at least for some products and services)
To value what has been done!
This is the keyword of the team who realized and created MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE.

Professionals in the area of the management system certification, process certification and product certification, in the sustainability field and not only.
MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE team fulfills different areas of expertise:

  • Sustainability;
  • Engineering of products and processes;
  • Environmental, energetic, ethical and social rules, as well as the ones concerning the safety of people and information;
  • Business and corporate social responsibility;

The sustainability scenario is constantly under our control. We commit in disclosing sustainability values and support the application of the same, working closely with organizations in order to turn the sustainability from a simple concept into a concrete tool for companies and the collectivity.

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