MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE® is a made in Italy innovative and marketing oriented service, aimed to value specific products, services, sites and concepts that have been designed, realized, and managed according to the sustainability principles. This happens through a certification issued by third party bodies in accordance with the related technical specification. The purpose is to verify the consistency between what an organization realizes and what declares, taking position against the greenwashing.

MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE certification scheme has been developed with reference to the International protocols and certification schemes principles such as Iso 26000, Iso 9004, Iso 14004, Iso 14021, Iso 14040 (LCA) e Gri – Global Reporting initiative.

The audit procedure leading to the certification must prove balance among the economical, environmental and social aspects – relative to the specific product, service, site or concept – showing an orientation towards the sustainability. The level of complexity of the audit procedure and the related technical specification can change depending on the type and dimension of the organization.

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